Här kommer vi, Micke och Cissi att blogga om, eller som vi gamlingar säger, skriva om, hälsa, QINOpraktik, psykiska eller mentala blockeringar, ADHD, dyslexi, vacciner och så vidare. Vi kommer INTE att visa vår mat eller nån dagens outfit, då får du gå någon annanstans. Denna blogg handlar om hälsa och svar. Inte om mode.

Some wise thoughts

Some wise thoughts:
It's not until u get lost that you find new paths.
You have to allow yourself to get lost in life. If you don't you will walk around and around in a circle. Working hard, but never really getting anywhere.. Allow yourself to get lost every now and then..

Thank you Manchester for an awesome time

Once again, I am sitting alone at the airport waithing for Norweigen to take me home safely. 

Då gör det inget om elevrena är nöjda, eller hur?

Thank you Mike. It's been an extraordinary course. My mind is full and ready to put this into practice. Can't wait for level 2
Christian Platts, co-owner and senior tutot at Active Health Group in Manchester.

Från nästa deltagare:
Thank you Mike for a truly eye opening course (module 1). It has been a mentally challenging 4 days and so looking forward to treating my clients with new techniques, hope I can remember the dance moves....Can't wait for module 2 in 9 weeks.
Paul Roose, Sports Therapist, Wales

Ser fram emot att komma hem till vacker fru och barn nu. 
Trött, men nöjd.

Kurs i Manchester

Alltid kul med lite feedback på kurser man håller...

Just finished an amazing 4 day course in Quinopractic medicine with 
Mike Dahlstrom! Hand on heart I can say this was by far the best course I have attended since graduating as a sports therapist. So much brilliant new knowledge that I can't wait to put into practice and be even more efficient in helping my clients to be strong and pain free
Vaska Prostova, Bulgaria